Slow setting glue

The Best Slow Setting Glues

As a woodworker, I always try to use the strongest glue for my projects. I usually use the yellow woodworker’s glue as this glue is very strong  but the one thing i hate about this glue is that it grant us only a few minutes before it starts to harden up.   I never use […]


Sanding For Beginners

A work piece is incomplete if you don’t do a proper sanding to it. Sanding is a very untidy task and requires a lot of time but if you don’t do it properly, no body will even notice that you have sanded the work piece.  I myself don’t sand many projects because of the time […]


Wood For Dummies [Part 2] – Everything You Need to Know About Hard Wood

After understanding the different types of soft wood its time to know a little about hardwood. For every woodworker, hardwood is like a precious jewel. We love hardwood.   The texture, the aroma, the colours, the grain pattern and the feel it gives to the furniture is incomparable. A little later in your woodworking career […]


Wood For Dummies [Part 1] – Everything You Need to Know About Soft Wood

For those, who are planning to learn and master the art of woodworking, this will be your first and the most important lesson. Wood is the soul of woodworking and that’s why it is important to understand the characteristics and roles of different types of wood in woodworking.   You may not be able to […]


How To Sharpen Your Chisel

As a woodworker, there are times when we find ourselves too occupied to do anything, no matter how important the other task is. This happens with me whenever I have to take out time to sharpen my chisel in the middle of a project. I am sure that this thing would have happened with you […]